Use candlestick, OHLC, and HiLo charts to visualize and analyze stock market data. Users can explore and interact with data using features such as period and range selectors, zoom, and pan. Smooth animation offers a seamless experience.

Stock chart

Visualize time-dependent data to display trends at equal intervals. With seamless animation, zooming, and panning, working with large quantities of data is easy. Empty-point support effectively handles missing data.

Line chart

A circular graphic that's ideal for portraying proportionate values between categories. The radius of individual slices can be customized and grouped slices can be divided into individual points by clicking a slice.

Pie chart

Compare different types of data in horizontal bars, such as frequency, total, or average. It's ideal for showing variations over time. Adjust the spacing between bars, and plot data bidirectionally.

Bar chart

Similar to the line chart but with the area below the line filled. Plot data using numeric, category, date-time, or logarithmic axes. The chart can be flipped vertically to see the data from a different angle.

Area chart

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Syncfusion Blazor components offer 80+ UI and data visualization web controls like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.