Here is the list of the top 4 features that make Angular Kanban Powerful for Task Management

· Flexible layout options  · Card options  · Card editing  · Swim lanes

Flexible layout options

Kanban comes with a straightforward layout of cards and columns by default. However, users can design complex Kanban boards as required and can seamlessly integrate them with any team within an organization.

Card options

Alter the appearance of Kanban cards, update the status of cards with drag-and-drop support, and select several cards using mouse, keyboard, or touch interfaces.

Card editing

Users can create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) cards. Not only can they edit via a dialog, but they can also customize a template that fits their application requirements. All editing tasks are done with the assistance of a data manager.

Swim lanes

Customize the Kanban board by visually splitting it to categorize cards based on keys like assignees or projects. Control the visibility of empty rows and manage item counts in swim lane rows.

Syncfusion Angular Kanban Board

The Angular Kanban board is a user-friendly task-scheduling tool used in real-time applications like for project management, product development, and personal task management.