Dive into the world of the .NET MAUI PowerPoint Library with a spotlight on these four standout features.

· Charts   · SmartArt   · Shapes   · Tables 


This library gives users tools to generate and control charts through programming. By leveraging Syncfusion’s APIs, developers can seamlessly create, customize, and integrate charts into PowerPoint slides, elevating both data visualization and presentation functionalities. 


A SmartArt diagram visually conveys information to help articulate your ideas during presentations. The PowerPoint Library enables you to add and modify these SmartArt diagrams within your slides. 


Each slide hosts a shape collection capable of accommodating various graphical objects like AutoShapes, charts, or pictures. You can add any shape element to this collection. 


The library offers comprehensive support for crafting, modifying, and formatting tables within PowerPoint slides. It allows for flexible iteration through rows and cells, enabling versatile manipulation. 

Syncfusion .NET MAUI PowerPoint Library 

Syncfusion's .NET MAUI PowerPoint Framework enables the creation, reading, and editing of PowerPoint files within any .NET MAUI application, eliminating the need for Microsoft Office or interop dependencies.