High Performance

Designed for use in a server environment where speed and memory usage are crucial. When compared to Office automation libraries, Syncfusion’s Word Library is significantly faster and consumes less memory.

Document elements and accessibility

Create documents with images, headers and footers, bookmarks, charts, shapes, etc. Create accessible Word documents that fit the 508 standard and include elements that are directly accessible.

Mail merge

Merge data from a data source in a Word template document. Create reports such as invoices and payroll faster by executing mail merge in a batch process without relying on Microsoft Office or interop. Word Library offers simple, group, and nested merging of documents.

Merge and split

Combine several documents into a single document with a variety of formatting options, then convert document to PDF, HTML, ODT, or EPUB. Split a huge document into several small documents. Word Library can split HTML, RTF, and text files, too.


Offers text and paragraph formatting. With the help of field switches, you can automatically format the merged text, numeric data, and date-time information.

Microsoft-like editing

Microsoft Word-compatible file formats such as DOCX, WordML, DOC, HTML, RTF, and TXT can be created, viewed, and edited. Through touch, mouse, and keyboard inputs, Word Library provides a fluid, Microsoft Word-like editing experience.

Content controls

Create and insert content controls like checkboxes, combo boxes, and dropdown lists. With the block control, you can group a section of a document. Bind content controls to an element in a document's embedded custom XML component.

Encryption and decryption

Encrypt a Word document with a password and open an encrypted Word document with a valid password.

Form filling

Create fillable forms in Word documents with legacy form fields. In Word Open XML format documents, add content controls to make forms more effective.

Review and tracking

While reviewing a document, create and insert comments to add remarks about a certain portion. Accept and reject changes in a Word document that are tracked.

The .NET Word Library is a feature-rich, high-performance library that lets you integrate comprehensive Word document processing capabilities into any .NET application.

Syncfusion C# Word Library