High Performance

Instantly load documents with thousands of pages. Virtualized pages use less memory and provide smooth scrolling. Specially designed for use in a server environment where speed and memory consumption are crucial.

PDF Forms

Filling out, editing, saving, and printing interactive form fields is simpler. Create AcroForms or XFA forms from scratch and flatten them to remove a document's editing functionality.

Merge and Split PDFs

You can combine PDF documents or pages into a single document, as well as split a large number of pages into smaller PDF documents to exclude blank or unwanted pages. With the portfolio feature, you can bundle related documents.

PDF Tables

Data can be imported from any form, such as an object array, a data set, a data table, or an IEnumerable collection. Built-in table styles are available with a Microsoft Word table look.

Encryption and Decryption

Syncfusion PDF protects documents against unwanted access by using the ISO 32000-compliant AES and RC4 encryption techniques, as well as PDF 2.0 security.

Digital Signatures

To ensure authenticity and integrity, documents can be digitally signed using x509 certificates, such as .pfx files with private keys and support for HSM, OCSP, CRL, and Windows Certificate Store.


Eliminate sensitive or confidential data from PDF documents. The PDF Library makes it simple to redact PDF documents.

Annotations and Bookmarks

Add highlighting, mark-up, and free text to comments.  You can add, modify, and remove them. Add, edit, and delete bookmarks to perform navigation interactively in PDF documents.

API Accessibility

Allow users to create a section 508-compliant tagged PDF or PDF/UA for those who require assistive technologies when accessing electronic content. Text, photos, and tables are all accessible through a full set of APIs in a typical PDF document.


Create 1D or linear barcodes (code39, codabar, code128a) and 2D barcodes (QR code, Data Matrix, and PDF417) with vector quantity and support to save as raster images in PDF documents.

Integrate advanced PDF features into any .NET application. Without Adobe dependencies, you can create, read, and edit PDF documents in your apps programmatically.

2X faster app development!