High Performance

Open and save large number of files with minimum memory, Scroll smoothly even when it has many cells in view. Designed for use in a server environment where speed and memory use are crucial.

Importing and Exporting

Import data into an Excel worksheet from a variety of sources, including arrays, data tables, collection objects, and HTML tables. Export data from an existing worksheet to data tables, collection objects, and nested classes.

Chart Support

Create and edit a variety of Excel charts, including Excel 2016 charts to represent data visually. A few lines of code can also be used to convert charts to images.

Formulas Evaluation

More than 400 Excel functions to quickly evaluate formula cells. Also supports external formulas, add-in functions, and an array of formulas.

Template Markers

 Import data into a customized format using Template Markers. Apply data bars, colour scales, and icon sets, apply are conditional formats to create visual effects in your data. Allows you to create real-world reports like bills and payroll from structured Excel templates.

Formatting Support

Create richly formatted Excel files with elements like text, numbers, formatting, images, charts, and pivot tables, Use features like data bars, color scales,  and icon sets to enhance the appearance of the data..

Data Processing

Operators, custom formulas, and dropdown lists can all be used to apply cell data validations. Advanced filters choices such as top, top10 and percent  are available. Data can be sorted by cell value, cell color, or font color.

Encryption and Decryption

Password-protected Excel files can be encrypted or decrypted. Workbooks, worksheets, and cells can also be protected from being edited. Read and write password-protected Excel documents using SHA 128, SHA256, or SHA512 algorithms


Migrate the current Office automation code to Excel Library easily as the APIs  are similar.


All main Excel file formats, including XLS and XLSX, are supported by this library. It is possible to open a file in one format and save it in another.

A feature-rich and high-performance Excel library that lets you integrate powerful Excel functionality into any.NET application. Create, read, and edit Excel documents  programmatically without Microsoft Office dependencies.

Syncfusion C# Excel Libraries