Explore the Flutter Date Range Picker control’s five standout features.

· Multiple View Modes  · Multiple Selection Types  · Extendable Range Selection  · Limit Date Selection Range  · Appearance Customization

Multiple View Modes

Choose dates from month, year, decade, or century views. Dates are easily selectable and views easily navigable. There’s also programatic navigation.

Multiple Selection Types

Choose individual dates, multiple dates, or date ranges with support for programmatic selection.

Extendable Range Selection

In the Date Range Picker, expand a chosen range with newly selected dates.

Limit Date Selection Range

Limit the selectable date range to between specific minimum and maximum days.

Appearance Customization

Customize the design by setting a unique view for the month and year cells of the Date Range Picker. Ensure a consistent and uniform appearance and format by applying a theme.

Syncfusion Flutter DateRangePicker

The Flutter Date Range Picker is a compact widget enabling the simple selection of single, multiple, or ranges of dates. It offers month, year, decade, and century views for swift navigation.

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