The JavaScript TreeGrid component loads millions of records in just a second without any performance degradation.


The JavaScript TreeGrid has a built-in pager UI that can be used to view a segment of data from the selected data source.

Adaptive UI layout

The JavaScript TreeGrid UI was customized and redesigned for great views and usability on small screens. The filter, search, and edit dialogues adapt to devices’ screen size.

Immutable mode

Immutable mode uses the object reference and deep compare concepts to optimize the JavaScript TreeGrid re-rendering and refreshing performance.

Frozen columns

The TreeGrid's columns can be frozen on the left, right, or both sides while scrolling the remaining grid content. This lets you compare cell values more easily.

Stacked headers

Column headers can be grouped and visualized as stacks using stacked headers. There is no restriction on how many headers can be stacked.


JavaScript TreeGrid data can be exported in various file formats such as Excel, PDF, or CSV. The exported document can also be customized programmatically by users.

Syncfusion JavaScript TreeGrid

JavaScript TreeGrid is a feature-rich control used to display self-referential, hierarchical data efficiently in a tree-like structure.