Explore the Blazor PDF Viewer control’s five standout features. · PDF form filling · Handwritten signature · Rich annotation tool · Flexible comment panel · Navigation

PDF form filling

Fill, edit, flatten, and save AcroForm fields in PDF files. The form fields supported in the PDF Viewer are text box, password box, combo box, checkbox, radio button, signature field, and list box.

Handwritten signature

In PDF Viewer, users can add a handwritten signature to PDF files. The signature can be resized, moved, removed, saved, and customized.

Rich annotation tools

The PDF Viewer supports various annotations, including text markup, shapes, stamps, sticky notes, measurements, free text, and ink.

Flexible comment panel

The comment panel can be used to add comments as annotations, reply to comments, and set comment statuses in the PDF file.


The Blazor PDF Viewer component supports different types of internal and external navigation, such as bookmarks, thumbnails, hyperlinks, and table of contents.

Syncfusion Blazor PDF Viewer

The Blazor PDF Viewer is a UI component for rendering PDFs from byte arrays, streams, or file paths. It can quickly load thousands of PDF pages.