Data binding

Use ItemsSource binding and unbound node population. Effortlessly customize the TreeView into a navigation control by populating nodes in unbound mode.

Load on demand

The WinUI TreeView enables dynamic loading of large amounts of data, enhancing the control's performance. Utilize a loading indicator during on-demand loading.


Customize TreeView nodes with images or custom views using templates. Dynamically select UI templates for each node with a data template selector.


The TreeView offers functionality to load a checkbox in every node, includes inherent support for recursive checking between parent and child nodes, and enables users to select or deselect the relevant node.

Context flyout

Display a context flyout when a node is long-pressed or right-clicked. Utilize the pre-existing commands to manage the context flyout, modify a node, and remove one or multiple selected nodes.

Syncfusion WinUI TreeView

The TreeView control for WinUI is a type of list view that displays hierarchical data in a structure resembling a tree. It provides options to expand and collapse nodes within the tree.