Here is the list of the top 5 features of Vue Maps  control.

Easy to customize

Geospatial imaging service

Markers and bubble

Multiple geometric layer

Custom projection

Easy to customize

You can use SVG format in Maps to display geometric shapes. Bind GeoJSON data for easy visualization. Customize the layout by utilizing the built-in options to create the desired world or U.S. map.

Geospatial imaging services

Use services such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap to swiftly access satellite imagery, aerial views, and street maps, without the need for external shape inputs.

Markers and bubbles

Markers represent specific latitude and longitude coordinates on maps using symbols, while bubbles are utilized to provide supplementary details about shapes, such as population density and land area.

Multiple geometric layers

A single view map containing multiple geometric layers can be created using sublayers. Geographic features of a country, like rivers and valleys, can be represented as a sublayer.

Custom projections

The Vue Maps component provides support for various projections, including Mercator, rectangular, Miller, Eckert3, Eckert5, Eckert6, and Winkel3.

Syncfusion Vue Maps Library

Maps is a powerful tool for visualizing geographical data, allowing you to render maps from GeoJSON data or other map providers. It offers a wide range of rich features to enhance your mapping experience.