Microsoft Word-like editor 

This component is a powerful editor for Word documents, offering a feature-rich word-processing solution for your web application. It is designed for optimal performance, providing a Microsoft Word-like experience. 

Restrict editing 

Word Processor can limit editing access. When a protected document is configured with range permissions, only specific users or user groups are granted authorization to edit specific text areas. 

Add notes using comments 

With the Word Processor, you can insert comments into your documents. Whether through code or the user interface, you can easily add, navigate, and delete comments as needed. 

Track and review changes 

Word Processor's track changes feature keeps a record of edits, streamlining review processes. Easily accept or reject modifications by multiple reviewers in collaborative documents. 

Create and fill a form 

The Word Processor offers an intuitive user interface for creating fillable forms in documents, like in Microsoft Word. After applying the FormFieldsOnly restriction to a document, users can seamlessly complete the form. 

Globalization and localization 

Allow users from different locales to utilize the component by customizing date, currency, and numbering formats to align with their norms. 

Syncfusion Vue Word Processor 

The Vue Word Processor is a feature-rich UI component, providing editing features like Microsoft Word’s. It's a versatile tool for creating, editing, viewing, and printing Word documents, offering word-processing functions.