Excel-like Ribbon UI

The user interface is enhanced with a customizable Excel-like ribbon for easier manipulation of Excel workbooks.

High Performance

Experience instant loading for large amounts of data, navigate seamlessly with smooth scrolling, and enjoy rapid formula processing with a robust engine supporting 400+ Excel functions.

Data Validation

Validate edited values based on defined rules for cells or ranges. Verify operators, display alerts, employ custom formulas, and utilize dropdown lists for precise data validation.

Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

Import, create, and edit hyperlinks and bookmarks effortlessly. Seamlessly navigate and browse data within worksheets or across multiple sheets in a workbook using hyperlinks.

Data Shapes

Import runtime-defined Excel charts, sparklines, images, and rich text boxes to enhance data representation visually. Resize, reposition, and edit content for a polished user experience.

Syncfusion WPF Spreadsheet

The WPF Spreadsheet control is an Excel-inspired control used to create, edit, view, and format Microsoft Excel files without having Excel installation.