There can be an application layer, a service layer, and a data access layer in a layered pattern, but this pattern is not limited to these defined layers. This architecture pattern is used by popular frameworks like Java EE.

Layered Architecture

Because of the way capabilities and functionality are added to a basic core OS, microkernel architecture is known as a plugin architecture. It’s a quick and easy method to customize your app, and it may help you save money in the long run.

Microkernel Architecture

This pattern coordinates behavior  related to the creation, detection, and consumption of all events, as well as the responses they elicit. It consists of modular, single-purpose event processing components that receive and process events asynchronously.

Event-Driven Architecture

Monolithic applications and  service-oriented architectures are  viewed as acceptable alternatives to  the microservices architectural pattern. Through an efficient and optimized distribution pipeline, the components are distributed as discrete modules.

Microservices Architecture

Communication between the client and the server, which may or may not be on the same network, is made easier with this design. The server recognizes the requests and replies accordingly by providing the desired resources to the client.

Client-Server Architecture

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