What’s new in .NET 7

.NET 7 is a major release of the .NET platform that was released in November 2022. It includes a wide range of new features and improvements across the .NET platform.

Improved performance

.NET 7 has a number of performance improvements, including faster app startup times, improved garbage collection, and SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) support for ARM64 and ARM32 architectures.

Improved support

.NET 7 includes new features and improvements to make it easier to build and deploy containerized and cloud-native applications, including support for .NET on Alpine Linux and support for ARM64 containers.

New web development features

.NET 7 brings a range of new features for web development, such as HTTP/3 and gRPC-Web support in ASP.NET Core, client-side Blazor app support, and the ability to build hybrid web apps using the WebView2 control.

New features for desktop and mobile development

.NET 7 has a range of new features for desktop and mobile app development, including .NET MAUI support for building WinForms and WPF apps, .NET 5 and Xamarin support for mobile app development, and .NET 6 and Avalonia support for desktop app development.

Improved support for C# and F#

.NET 7 has a range of new features and improvements for C# and F#, including support for records and tuple enhancements in C#, and support for union types and pattern-matching enhancements in F#.

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