What is C#?

C# is a simple & effective object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft. Using Visual Studio, C# can be used to construct a variety of apps, including those for the web, Windows, consoles, and other platforms.

What are pros of C#?

1. C# is a type-safe, and completely object oriented language. 2. C# becomes a flexible language that can be used on cross-platform thanks to the wide features of.NET. 3. C# has an inbuilt garbage collector. It is a memory manager that keeps track of unused items and automatically releases memory. 4. Version control is efficiently addressed via the assembly approach.

What are cons of C#?

1. Since C# is a part of the.NET framework, almost all of its applications are for Windows-based platforms. Some of the C# features might not function or be available if you decide to work with a different OS. 2. To run on various operating systems or platforms, C# largely relies on.NET resources. If you're not using.NET as your primary technological stack, it's not all that adaptable on its own.

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