What is Blazor Server side application

Blazor Server is one of the hosting models which supports server-side applications and has been offered by a reliable and highly productive open-source web application named Blazor.

How does it work?

The application is fully executed on the server using an ASP.NET Core app when using the Blazor Server hosting model. Over a SignalR connection, UI updates, event management, and JavaScript calls are handled.


• Smaller download size results in fast loading. • With the help of the SignalR NuGet package, you can quickly bind the Blazor application to a SignalR hub and perform all operations without the need for JavaScript libraries. • Works in all browsers even WebAssembly doesn’t support it.


• No offline support since it always needs a server. • Network delay may occur because all interactions happen in the server itself. • ASP.NET Core server is a must to work with Blazor Server.

2X faster apps development ! 

The most comprehensive Blazor library offers more than 80+ UI components that work with both server-side and client-side seamlessly.