Here is the list of the Pros and Cons for developers when handling Blazor virtualization

Pros · Improved Performance · Faster Initial Page Load · Responsive Design

Cons · Complexity · Potential Bugs and Issue · Excessive with Smaller Data Set

Improved Performance

Blazor virtualization can improve performance when handling large data sets. It improves the user experience and reduces load times. 


Faster Initial Page Load

The initial page load is much faster, as the entirety of the data doesn’t need to be loaded at once. 


Virtualization ensures good, responsive design even with large amounts of data. 


Responsive Design

Virtualization requires careful handling of components, especially for developers who are new to the concept. 



Virtualization may introduce unique bugs and issues related to data synchronization and interactions. 


Potential Bugs and Issues

Blazor virtualization is best for large data sets and may not be necessary for smaller data sets.


Excessive with Smaller Data Sets

Syncfusion Blazor Components

The Syncfusion Blazor component library offers 80+ UI and data visualization controls like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.