Explore the Vue Gantt Chart control’s five standout features.

· Virtualization  · Zooming   · Resource view  · Critical paths · Split events


With Blazor Gantt Chart's virtual scrolling feature, you can efficiently load large amounts of data without performance degradation. This includes row, column, and timeline virtualization.


You can modify the width of timeline cells and units when you zoom in or out. This function allows you to inspect all parts of a project thoroughly, from the smallest details to the broad objective.

Resource view

The resource breakdown view visually represents tasks assigned to each resource in a hierarchical format, with resources as parents and their assigned tasks as child records.

Critical paths

The project's critical path, comprising one or multiple tasks, determines its timeline. Delays in critical tasks postpone the entire project, as they directly impact the project's end date.

Split events

These allow task interruption for unexpected events or reshuffling of planned activities, enabling remaining work to be divided and resumed later.

Syncfusion Vue Gantt Chart

The Vue Gantt Chart, a project planning and management tool, offers an interface like Microsoft Project. It allows for the display and management of hierarchical tasks along with their timeline details.