What is the MVC application life cycle?

The MVC life cycle consists of a series of stages that take place at specific intervals. MVC is actually divided into two life cycles: the application life cycle and the request life cycle.

Application life cycle

The period from when the application process starts the active server to when it ends. Your application's startup file contains tags for the start and end events of the application.

Request life cycle

The request life cycle is the series of activities that takes place each time an application responds to an HTTP request.

Request life cycle process

1. Routing: The first step in each MVC application. The route handler is connected to the MVC application via the router. 2. Controller and action method: A controller is created, and then a component known as the action invoker locates and chooses the best action method to call on the controller. 3. Result execution: Produces a response to the initial HTTP request.

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