Key highlights of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

· Scalable Computer Capacity  · Diverse Instance Types   · Operating System Flexibility  · Customization and   Configuration  · Versatile Pricing Models 

Scalable Computer Capacity  

EC2 provides the ability to easily scale compute capacity up or down according to the dynamic requirements of your applications, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

Diverse Instance Types

With a broad range of instance types tailored for various use cases, including compute optimization, memory optimization, and specialized GPU instances, EC2 allows users to choose the most suitable configuration for their specific workloads.

Operating System Flexibility

EC2 supports a variety of operating systems, enabling users to run applications on platforms such as Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows Server, catering to diverse development needs.

Customization and Configuration

The high degree of customization in EC2 instances allows users to fine-tune CPU, memory, storage, and networking settings, providing flexibility to match the unique requirements of different applications and workloads.

Versatile Pricing Models

Offering various pricing models, including on-demand instances, reserved instances, and spot instances, EC2 allows users to optimize costs based on usage patterns and preferences, providing economic efficiency for different scenarios.

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