High performance

Gantt Chart uses virtualization to render only the visible rows and columns, which reduces the number of DOM elements and improves the overall performance. It also enables users to scroll through the data quickly, as only a limited number of rows and columns are rendered at a time.

Elegant animation

React provides fluid animation to present data with smooth, highly customizable transitions.

Clean view with zooming

You can dynamically alter the width of timeline cells and the timeline units when you zoom in or out. This allows you to get a better look at tasks in a project, from the smallest details to the long-term goals.

Template customization

To improve the look of the data, use template support. Customize task bars and grid columns in the timeline header with one.


Gantt Chart is designed to be highly responsive and optimized for desktops, tablets, and phones, regardless of the operating system (iOS, Android, or Windows) used on the mobile device.

Syncfusion React Gantt Chart

The React Gantt Chart is a powerful tool for project planning and management. It can be used to display and manage hierarchical tasks, as well as provide timeline details.