High Performance

By default, the Vue Scheduler reduces transfer and load times when handling large data sets by loading data on demand.

Data binding

Bind data with a variety of local and remote data sources, such as JSON, RESTful, OData, and WCF services, without difficulty.

Highly responsive layout

The style and architecture of the Vue Scheduler are expertly optimized for desktops, touch screens, and mobile devices.


The Vue Scheduler control allows exporting events to an Excel document, by default and exporting and importing of appointments in ICS format. It also allows additional customization options to export custom event data collections.

Globalization and localization

Allow users from various locales to use the Scheduler by formatting dates, currency, and numbering to suit their preferences.

Syncfusion Vue Scheduler

The Vue Scheduler facilitates easy resource scheduling and the rescheduling of events or appointments through editor pop-ups, drag and drop and resizing actions.