High Performance

The ASP.NET Core TreeGrid has an optimized design for high-performance.  With row and column virtualization, it loads millions of records in less than a second without any performance deterioration.  

Data Binding

Integrate data with a variety of local and remote data sources, such as JSON, RESTful services, OData services, and WCF services, without difficulty. 

Highly responsive layout

The style and architecture of the ASP.NET Core TreeGrid are expertly optimized for desktops, touch screens, and mobile devices.  


Paging provides an option to display TreeGrid data in page segments. The built-in pager UI of the ASP.NET Core TreeGrid allows users to customize the entire UI.  


The Tree Grid control can be easily exported in a number of file formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV. Additionally, users can programmatically customize the exported document. 

Syncfusion ASP.NET Core Tree Grid

The feature-rich ASP.NET Core TreeGrid control is used to efficiently display self-referential, hierarchical data in a tabular style.