Designing with Bootstrap Components  

Dive into the world of the CSS frameworks like Bootstrap with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Introduction to Bootstrap   · Designing with Bootstrap   Components   · Customizing and Styling    · Advanced Features and    Extensibility  

Introduction to Bootstrap 

Bootstrap, a CSS framework for predesigned elements and responsive layouts, offers diverse integration methods, emphasizing grids and core components for developing websites. 

Designing with Bootstrap Components 

Explore Bootstrap's grid system and responsive utilities. See how they facilitate designs that adapt seamlessly across devices. Browse the various components that make up Bootstrap, such as buttons, cards, forms, and navigation bars.

Customizing and Styling  

Customize Bootstrap themes using SASS, variables, overrides. Enhance user interaction with JavaScript-enabled Bootstrap components (such as tooltips, carousels, and modals). 

Advanced Features and Extensibility   

Display extra features that enhance functionality, such as utilities, utility classes, and Bootstrap icons. Explore the seamless integration of Angular and React JavaScript frameworks with Bootstrap to achieve more functionality.

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