Explore the highlights of whats's new for Blazor in .NET 6

· Rendering improvements   · Build native MAUI apps    · Hot reload support   · Enhancements to    accessibility   · Performance improvements · Error boundary · Update HTML

The ability to save the initial state (when the app is prerendered) and utilize it for the second load in .NET 6 is a great feature, as it eliminates the need to retrieve the same data twice.

Rendering improvements

With its component model, .NET 6 for Blazor allows you to create native MAUI apps.

Build native  MAUI apps

Hot reload is now supported by both Visual Studio and dotnet watch, and Blazor WebAssembly does an excellent job at it. When you adjust your components, the impact is a near-instant update in the browser.

Hot reload  support

A new component, FocusOnNavigate, in .NET 6 for Blazor allows you to set the UI focus on a specific element after navigating to a page.

Enhancements  to accessibility

Blazor WASM has extended relinking in the new version and download size has been reduced. The InputFile component now supports files greater than 2GB, and native byte[] streaming allows for much faster uploading.

Performance improvements

You can easily catch errors with error boundaries and return a message to the user with more details, leaving the rest of the UI unaffected.

Error boundary

In .NET 6, you can easily edit page titles and add meta tags for SEO without having to use JS interop with the new elements PageTitle and HeadContent.

Update HTML

Build modern Blazor Apps

Syncfusion Blazor components offer 80+ UI and data visualization web controls like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.

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