High performance

Numerous rendering optimizations have been employed to achieve optimal efficiency in handling large volumes of data and managing real-time data at high frequencies in plotting.

Tooltip and crosshair support

Users can interact with the stock chart and acquire in-depth information about data points using the tooltip and crosshair cursor features.

Candlestick chart

Display a stock chart with an integrated candlestick chart. Use the JavaScript candlestick chart to analyze and forecast price movement.

Indicators and trendlines

The JS Stock Chart supports 10 types of indicators that show the historical price, volume, or open interest. Examine the past and forecast future market trends with trendlines support.

Period selector

By utilizing the period selector, you can select a range of data points at preset intervals with a single click.

Syncfusion JavaScript Stock Chart

The JavaScript Stock Chart was expertly designed to be a user-friendly financial charting package. It allows you to monitor and display the stock price of any corporation during a designated timeframe through its range of tools and charting capabilities.