PDF rendering 

The primary functions of a PDF viewer in your WPF application involve opening, extracting, and displaying PDF files. It needs to manage rendering for PDF content such as text, images, and vector graphics. 


A good PDF viewer needs user-friendly navigation, including page navigation and zoom features for easy reading and content examination. 


Having interactive features like a search function, annotations, comments, and elements like hyperlinks or form fields in your PDF viewer enhances its versatility and usefulness. 


Customization enables you to modify a PDF viewer to meet your application's specific needs and style, such as adjusting its look and behavior to align with your theme or branding, or adding essential features not present in a generic viewer. 

Syncfusion WPF PDF Viewer 

The WPF PDF Viewer control enables viewing, reviewing, and printing PDFs in WPF applications, with features like thumbnails, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and tables of contents for easy navigation.