Efficient data binding

Easily connect data to the ASP.NET Core TreeView control from a wide range of valid sources, including XML, JSON, and JSONP. Whether the tree data is stored locally or remotely, you can easily fetch it using a variety of adaptors.

Interactive user experience

With ASP.NET Core TreeView, you can create interactive user interfaces that allow users to expand and collapse nodes, select items, and perform actions on the tree nodes.

Enhanced functionality

ASP.NET Core TreeView comes with a range of built-in functionalities, such as drag-and-drop support, context menus, checkboxes, and node editing capabilities. These features help users create dynamic and interactive tree structures.

Checkbox tri-state mode

Use tri-state mode checkboxes in parent nodes. In this mode, the parent node will go into the indeterminate state when the child nodes are partially checked.

Adapts to any resolution

TreeView has a highly adaptive design optimized for desktops, touchscreens, and mobile devices. It provides seamless performance on all mobile phones running iOS, Android, or Windows.

ASP.NET Core TreeView

The ASP.NET Core TreeView is a graphical UI control that represents hierarchical data in a tree structure and allows you to organize and represent your data in a clear and intuitive manner.