Explore what’s new in .NET 8 for seamless app development.

· Performance Improvements  · Enhanced Support for Containers  · Improves Support for Cloud and   Web Apps  · Improvements in Routing         Performance  · Hardware Intrinsic Support

Performance Improvements

.NET 8 boosts just-in-time compilation, speeding up startup times by compiling intermediate language code to native code faster.

Enhanced Support for Containers

.NET 8 enhances container support, streamlining .NET app creation and deployment with Kubernetes. It offers optimized container performance with smaller images for more efficient runtime in containerized ecosystems.

Improves Support for Cloud and Web Apps

.NET 8 enhances Azure integration for scalable, high-performance, cloud-native web apps, simplifying development with direct Azure tools.

Improvements in Routing Performance

Routing equipment is enhanced by .NET 8, which also supports localization and internationalization, flexible and secure routing configuration, and faster processing of route equipment, all of which are necessary for handling high traffic volumes in emergency scenarios.

Hardware Intrinsic Support

.NET 8 boosts hardware intrinsic support, which helps developers write high-performance code that utilizes specialized CPU instructions, leading to notable performance improvements for compute-intensive tasks.

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