Deep Dive: 5 Exciting New Features in Angular 17

New official documentation site 

Built-in control flow  

Deferrable views   

Standalone APIs    

Improved server-side rendering (SSR) 

New Official Documentation Site

Angular 17 comes with a new documentation site at It brings a fresh structure, revised guidelines, enriched content, and an interactive Angular playground. 

Built-in Control Flow

Angular 17 introduces a new block template syntax, e.g., *ngIf, *ngSwitch, and *ngFor. This updated template syntax streamlines control flow and lazy loading, improving overall efficiency. 

Deferrable Views

Angular 17 introduces @defer blocks. This innovative design enhances performance and efficiency by enabling the deferred loading of components for a faster initial loading time. 

Standalone APIs

With v17, Angular has made standalone components, directives, and pipes the default format. This means all components generated via ng generate will be created as standalone components by default, streamlining the development process. 

Improved Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

Angular 17 introduces a new @angular/ssr package. The Angular Universal repositories have now been integrated into Angular, making it easier than ever to update your existing Angular CLI to support hybrid rendering (SSR). 

Syncfusion Angular Components

The Syncfusion Angular UI component library contains over 80 high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in a single package.