High performance

The WinForms PDF Viewer control provides instant loading, enabling the immediate display of PDF files containing thousands of pages.

Select and copy text

Text in a PDF can be selected by left-clicking the mouse button, and copying can be done by selecting the "Copy" option from the context menu.


At the UI level, users are able to navigate to bookmarks within the loaded PDF document, and the functionality also supports various types of internal and external navigations.

Right-to-left rendering

The WinForms PDF Viewer control provides support for right-to-left rendering, specifically designed for users working with languages that are written from right to left.


The PDF Viewer in WinForms allows for the localization of all static text to any supported language. This can be achieved by including a resource file in the application.

Syncfusion WinForms PDF Viewer

The WinForms PDF Viewer control allows the viewing and printing of PDF files and the effortless navigation within them through hyperlinks and a table of contents.