Dive into the world of the WinForms Map with a spotlight on these five standout features

· Shape layers · Data labels · Heat map · Map annotations · Map bubbles

Shape layers

Display .shp or GeoJSON data on WinForms Map, customize shapes' style, and add custom shapes like buildings. Layer multiple shapes for geographic details like rivers or lakes.

Data labels

Improve the readability of WinForms Map’s shapes by adding reusable labels. Customize the appearance of the labels using the color, size, and font properties for easier shape recognition.

Heat map

Create heat maps in WinForms by customizing shape colors according to their values. Use equal or range color mapping for visualizing data like election winners or population density in different shapes.

Map annotations

Map annotations mark spots with symbols or messages. Use pins, shapes, or images to highlight places.

Map bubbles

Display information over places with bubbles. Customize bubble colors and transparency via the fill and opacity properties. Adjust bubble sizes for improved readability with min-max size options.

Syncfusion WinForms Map

The WinForms Map control is a robust data visualization component for geographical data with interactive features such as zoom, pan, select, markers, bubbles, and color mapping. Use it to render sales, weather, electoral, and route maps.

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