Dive into the world of the WinForms Chart with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Chart Wizard · Chart Data Model · Built -in support for dates · Smart labels · Custom Palette

Chart Wizard

The Chart control allows customization through Chart Wizard at design time and run time. It comes with a new Office-inspired look and feel.

Chart Data Model

The chart data model simplifies populating the chart with diverse data sources, making it adaptable to any data type.

Built -in support for dates

The data type of any series that is plotted on the chart can be set to DateTime. It also offers automatic interval calculation, and allows customization of ranges, intervals, and number display.

Smart labels

The WinForms Chart provides a technique integrated into the system, to avoid overlapping of data point labels and optimizing the arrangement of labels.

Custom Palette

Enhance the appearance of the chart using the CustomPalette property, and create personalized palettes, including non-gradient options.

Syncfusion WinForms Chart

WinForms Chart is a high-performance, user-friendly, and visually captivating control. It offers 45 chart types, from columns to financial charts, and allows users to customize and bind data effortlessly.

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