.NET Framework 4.8

The latest version of the .NET Framework, 4.8, includes various new features and enhancements. Let’s look at some of the key new features of .NET Framework 4.8.

High DPI support

High DPI enhances the scaling and display of the applications on high-resolution monitors, providing a better visual experience for users.

Performance optimization

In .NET 4.8, WPF applications experience improved performance due to the changes in layout, text rendering, and other aspects.

Accessibility enhancement

The .NET Framework has been updated to include several enhancements to improve accessibility for Windows Forms and WPF applications, making them more accessible for users with disabilities.

C# and F# assistance

.NET Framework 4.8 provides support for the most up-to-date C# and F# programming languages.

Strengthened security

The security of the .NET Framework has been improved in various aspects, such as cryptography, network communication, and code execution, to enhance the protection of sensitive information and prevent security threats.

.NET Core support

The .NET Framework’s support for .NET Core has been improved, making it easier for developers to take advantage of its benefits. This upgrade to the development experience will help developers create more efficient and reliable applications.

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