JS interop

Blazor allows you to call JavaScript functions from C# code, which can be very useful for integrating with existing JavaScript libraries or for accessing browser APIs that are not accessible from C#.

CSS isolation

Starting with .NET 5.0, Blazor supports CSS isolation, which allows you to define styles that are scoped to a specific component.


Blazor has built-in support for routing, which allows you to create single-page applications with multiple views.

Async code for responsiveness

Make sure to make your code asynchronous wherever possible. This will ensure that your UI stays responsive and doesn't block the thread.

Use Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code provides excellent support for Blazor development with features such as IntelliSense, debugging, and built-in Git commands.

For faster loading

If your application doesn't need offline support or to run outside the browser sandbox, then you may want to use Blazor Server instead of Blazor WebAssembly. It loads and debugs faster.

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