Explore the advantages of Blazor hybrid apps with .NET MAUI.

· BlazorWebView   · Cross-Platform Development   · Access to Native APIs   · Single Codebase   · Visual Studio Integration  · Conclusion


.NET MAUI offers the BlazorWebView control, which serves as a Blazor component holder in your .NET MAUI application. It allows you to incorporate your current Blazor components and UI logic into your hybrid app. 

Cross-Platform Development 

Blazor Hybrid apps with .NET MAUI enable you to code your app's business logic and UI elements just once in C# and Blazor. It's then deployable to numerous platforms without needing much platform-specific code. This helps reduce both development time and maintenance work. 

Access to Native APIs 

Your Blazor Hybrid app allows you to continue accessing native device capabilities and APIs through dependency injection and platform-specific code when required. .NET MAUI offers a consolidated method of interacting with native features while maintaining a large portion of your codebase as platform-neutral. 

Single Codebase 

You keep only one codebase for your app, simplifying the task of managing it for different platforms. 

Visual Studio Integration 

The integration of Blazor Hybrid apps with .NET MAUI in Visual Studio is excellent, creating a more simplified and efficient workflow for developers and making it easier to test and debug applications. 

Blazor Hybrid apps with .NET MAUI provides an effective method for developing cross-platform applications, emphasizing code reusability and a native user experience. It's ideal for developers versed in C# and .NET aiming to build mobile and desktop applications. 


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