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· Markdown · Responsive WYSIWYG              editor · HTML editor  toolbar · XHTML validation  · Auto hyperlink and   length   limitation · Paste from Microsoft       Word  and Excel · Third-party integration

Support for Markdown editing when the editorMode is set to Markdown. Apply formatting to text using both keyboard interaction and toolbar actions. With the preview, you can immediately see how your Markdown changes.


Touch gestures are recognized by this RTE, allowing the user to manipulate the toolbar by swiping left or right. On all mobile, tablet, and desktop form factors, the responsive, touch-friendly design gives the optimum user experience.

Responsive WYSIWYG editor

The toolbar offers a number of options for editing and formatting content. Format text and paragraphs; insert images, hyperlinks, tables, and lists etc. The toolbar commands are categorized according to their functionality.

HTML editor  toolbar

The enableXhtml property in the editor allows you to validate the Rich Text Editor's source material against the XHTML standard. When you add or modify content in the editor, it validates the XHTML source content for valid elements and attributes and removes any that aren't.

XHTML validation

When a URL is typed as plain text in the Vue Rich Text Editor, it immediately converts to a hyperlink. You can also limit the number of characters in the content.

Auto hyperlink and length limitation

By filtering out tags, attributes, and styles, the Vue Rich Text Editor allows you to paste content with images from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel into the editor.

Paste from Microsoft Word  and Excel

To fit the application scenario, the Rich Text Editor can be integrated with third-party software such as a spell checker or a code mirror to improve the content in.

Third-party integration

Syncfusion Vue Rich Text Editor

The Vue Rich Text Editor is a feature-rich WYSIWYG HTML editor and WYSIWYG Markdown editor. The Rich Text Editor is widely used to create blogs, forum posts, notes sections, support tickets (incidents), comment sections, messaging applications, and more.

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