Explore the 6 tips to writing clean C# code

· Select Good IDE · Use Descriptive Names · Use Camel/Pascal Case        Notations · Reuse Code · Add Comments · Format Code

Select Good IDE

Microsoft's Visual Studio is an excellent and entirely free tool. Intellisense features in Visual Studio are pretty stable, and they can correct and recommend code changes. Rider IDE is also preferred by some developers, but it isn’t free.

Use Descriptive Names

The hardest phase of the software development lifecycle is naming variables. Making descriptive names for your variables and methods makes it easier for other developers to understand the context and usage.

Use Camel/Pascal Case Notations

Avoid using random capital letters throughout your variables. Instead, use ideal code practices (camel case and Pascal case notation).

Reuse Code

IDEs with refactoring features, such as Visual Studio or Rider, help you extract a method whenever you come across a repeating code segment. Save time by reusing already clean code.

Add Comments

In the long run, adding a few lines of comments to describe what the methods do can make your code clearer for both you and other developers. Only make comments when necessary, though.

Format Code

Code readability is enhanced by formatting. Visual Studio includes a function that automatically formats your code. Simply go to the concerned class and press CTRL + K and CTRL + D.

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