Dive into the world of the Blazor Diagram with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Automatic layout  · Data binding  · Interactive editing  · Gallery of reusable symbols  · Customizable themes · Globalization and localization

Automatic layout

Automatically organize the nodes in a specified manner according to a pre-established layout algorithm.

Data binding

Create and position diagrams with nodes and connectors that are automatically generated from data sources. Effortlessly convert, associate, and utilize data of any format within the diagram by adjusting a few settings, all without needing to write any code.

Interactive editing

The Blazor Diagram allows you to use stencils, pan and zoom, snap, undo and redo, resize, and rotate interactively.

Gallery of reusable symbols

The SymbolPalette shows an array of palettes, where each palette showcases a group of nodes and connectors that can be dragged and dropped into the diagram.

Customizable themes

The cutting-edge design of the Diagram comes with several built-in themes such as Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material, and Fabric. Utilize the online Theme Studio tool to easily customize the themes of a diagram.

Globalization and localization

Allow users from various locations to utilize the component by formatting dates, currency, and numbers by locale.

Syncfusion Blazor Diagram

The Blazor Diagram component is a powerful and efficient library that allows you to create, visualize, and edit interactive diagrams. Create various diagram types, such as flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, and other diagrams.