Top 6 features of Vue Tabs that enhance your app

· Scrollable tabs  · Pop-up mode  · Drag and drop  · Tabs headers  · Animation  · Easy integration  

Scrollable tabs 

Vue Tabs simplifies tab management with scrollable tabs for an efficient design. Swipe left or right on the tab header for easy access to out-of-sight tabs on mobile devices. 

Pop-up mode 

In pop-up mode, excess tabs are held in a pop-up for efficient overflow management. Click the dropdown icon to see additional tabs not visible in the main display. 

Drag and drop 

The Vue Tabs control lets users drag-and-drop tabs to reorder them. They can add tabs dynamically by dragging them from external sources, like ListView or TreeView, too.

Tabs headers 

The mobile tab view offers extensive navigation space. Tab headers support icons, text, or a combination. Icons can be placed to the left, right, top, or bottom within tab headers. 


Easily navigate Vue tabs with built-in animations, such as slide effects, triggered by clicks or taps. In mobile tab view, swipe within the content or tap a tab header for smooth tab transitions.

Easy integration 

Incorporate  various Vue components as content within a tab's pane. The Vue Tabs component  seamlessly integrates with other components like Dialog and Card for enhanced  functionality. 

Syncfusion Vue Tabs 

The Vue Tabs component offers a simple user interface (tabs UI) for organizing related content in a compact space. Tabs are horizontally aligned, each with a header. At least one tab must always be selected and visible. 

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