Dashboard Layout

Syncfusion’s Angular Dashboard layout is a grid-structured layout component that aids in the creation of static and dynamic dashboard layouts with panels. Have support for drag and drop of panels.


Syncfusion’s Kanban is a task-scheduling component with a transparent workflow. you can effectively manage product development and task planning with swim lanes, cards, WIP validations, and other tools available.

Smith Chart

With Syncfusion Angular Smith Chart, you can easily show the parameters of transmission lines in a high-frequency circuit application. Also include built-in elements like legends, markers, tooltips, and data labels to further enhance its visual appeal.

Word Processor

You can edit like Microsoft Word. Text editing, content formatting, image, and table resizing, finding, and replacing text, bookmarks, printing, Word document importing, and exporting features are supported seamlessly with Syncfusion Word Processor.

Form Validation Library

A module called Angular Form Validation allows you to validate HTML form input components before sending them to a server. In addition to 14 built-in validation rules, it supports creating custom logic and HTML5 data attribute validation.

Syncfusion Angular UI Components

As it includes over 80+ high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in one package, the Syncfusion Angular UI components library is the only kit you will ever need to build an application with uniqueness.