Dive into the world of the WinForms Scheduler with a spotlight on these five standout features

· High Performance · Customizable · Rich User Experience · Recurrence Pattern · Theme

High Performance

The WinForms Scheduler boasts an array of impressive features that can manage a substantial number of appointments.


Customize the WinForms Scheduler effortlessly. Personalize appointment time intervals and create a consistent look with appearance customization using styles, data templates, and themes. 

Rich User Experience

The user interface is highly interactive, allowing users to carry out tasks such as creating, editing, and rescheduling appointments. It also has a feature to set reminders for upcoming appointments.

Recurrence Pattern

Create recurring appointments. Set up daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrences with the option to include or exclude an end date for the recurrence rule.


Choose from an extensive collection of themes. Create sophisticated interfaces with a consistent look and feel, similar to that of Windows, Office, Outlook, and other popular platforms.

Syncfusion WinForms Scheduler

The Scheduler control in WinForms enables users to plan and organize appointments with a user-friendly interface. It offers various view modes and a rich feature set.

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