High performance

The WPF DataGrid control has built-in performance optimization. It can load millions of records in a single second using row and column virtualization without sacrificing performance.

Seamless editing experience

The WPF DataGrid control offers a unified experience for editing cell values with intuitive editors such as a date picker, numeric text box, and combo box. Users can add new records dynamically.

Master-details view

The DataGrid control represents hierarchical data in the form of nested tables through the use of the master-details view. We can also manually generate the relationships between grids.

Autofit rows  and columns

The WPF DataGrid control supports adjusting row height and column width automatically based on content size, which improves data readability. It allows you to define column widths based on column properties.

Row template view

The DataGrid control allows you to  display additional information about  a row by using a template. The row template view can be expanded or collapsed programmatically or by  using an expander in a row.

Build modern  WPF apps

Syncfusion offers 100+ WPF controls, such as DataGrid, Charts, Diagram, and Scheduler, that are feature-rich and high-performance, allowing developers to create line-of-business Windows apps faster.