Two-Way Binding

The v-model directive in Vue can be used to achieve two-way binding. When you modify a value in one Date Range Picker component in the following example, the v-model will immediately update the value in the other Date Range Picker.

Range Restriction

Range restriction in a date-range picker can be customized to meet the needs of an application. The min and max properties can be used to limit the start and end dates in a range selection.


Internationalization and localization are combined to form globalization. By parsing and formatting the date or number, you can adapt the component to a variety of languages. You can also add culture-specific customization and translation to the text.


The Date Range Picker component allows for UI customization through the component's available attributes and events. Customize its style to match the look and feel of your applications.


Web accessibility improves the accessibility of web information and web applications for individuals with disabilities. It is notably useful for developing complex user interface controls using AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, and other related technologies.

Build modern Vue apps

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