Data binding

DataGrid seamlessly integrates with popular data sources, offering automatic column generation for data-bound collections. It even assigns suitable column types based on specific data types.


We can use a text box, date-picker, and combo box as default editors in the WinUI DataGrid. And we can add new records dynamically.

Data error indication and validation

Use cell validation or row validation. Seamlessly display validation and error messages using data annotations.

Sorting and grouping

Effortless multicolumn sorting with customization. Sort by summary values in grouped grids or via custom logic. Group data by one or more columns or use custom logic for advanced grouping.

Data manipulation

Add new rows, placing them at the top, bottom, or in a fixed position. Easily delete selected records using the Delete key, customizable to any preferred key.

Syncfuion WinUI DataGrid

The WinUI DataGrid control is used for efficiently displaying and manipulating tabular data.