Data binding

DataManager is used in the Spreadsheet component to bind a range to both remote data services (JSON, RESTful services, OData services, WCF services) and local JavaScript object arrays.

Excel-like selection

Offers Excel-like selection with support to highlight the cells, rows, columns, and sheets selected. Selection can be made through mouse, touch, or keyboard interaction.


Has a wide range of formulas with cross-sheet reference support and a built-in calculation engine suitable for most of calculations. You can create and use custom formulas, as well. When a cell  is edited, its values are recalculated dependently.

High performance

With row and column virtualization, the Spreadsheet control’s instant loading allows users to load large amounts of data into a worksheet and view it on demand.

Collaborative editing

Collaborate on workbooks with ease. Multiple users can work on the same spreadsheet at a time and see each other's updates.

Build modern Vue apps

The Syncfusion Vue UI Components library offers 80+ UI and data visualization web controls, like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler, that are responsive and lightweight in a single package for building web apps.