Dive into the world of the .NET MAUI Date Tiime Picker with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Wide range of customizations   · Picker modes   · Range restrictions   · Date and time selection   · Localization support 

Wide range of customizations 

Developers can customize the header, column header, footer, and selection view for a better user experience. Choose from various date and time display formats. 

Picker modes 

Display the picker in a modal pop-up by utilizing the dialog mode. It positions the picker strategically, enhancing the application's visual appeal in the user interface. Times are selected via tapping and scrolling actions.

Range restrictions 

Set date and time ranges and perform validation. This feature ensures that users can only select dates within a specified range and validates the selected date and time against certain criteria, preventing invalid inputs. 

Date and time selection 

This picker offers 8 predefined formats for date representation in string formats, along with 9 predefined formats for time representation, providing a convenient selection experience for different user preferences. 

Localization support 

The picker supports multiple cultures and languages. For applications targeting diverse audiences, developers can enable the display of date and time information in the user's preferred language and format. 

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Date Time Picker 

The Syncfusion .NET MAUI Date Time Picker (SfDateTimePicker) is a versatile component allowing full customization for selecting both dates and times.