· International Programmers'     Day  · World Telecommunication and    Information Society Day  · Computer Security Day ·  World Backup Day ·  International Day of Women in    Science

Top 5 Global Tech Days to Celebrate Your Love of Technology

International Programmers' Day

January 7: A day that celebrates programmers' contributions to creativity and technical progress.

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

May 17: A day set a side by the UN to increase public awareness of the benefits that using the internet and other ICTs can have for economies and societies.

World Computer Security Day

November 30: A day to raise awareness about cybersecurity and best practices for shielding data and computer systems from fraud.

World Backup Day

March 31: A day dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of regularly backing up data to prevent data loss.

International Day of Women in Science

February 11: This day honors the vital contributions that women have made to the fields of science and technology.

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