Here is the list of the top 5 features of JavaScript TreeView control.

· High performance · Seamless data binding · Checkboxes  · Load on demand  · Create your own template design

High performance

Load on demand is enabled by default to minimize bandwidth usage while handling substantial data. Initially, only the primary nodes load, and subsequent child nodes load as their parent nodes are expanded.

Seamless data binding

TreeView allows the seamless binding of data from any valid JSON data source. Whether the tree data is local or remote, you can effortlessly retrieve it using a range of adapters, including OData, OData V4, URL, JSON, and Web API.


The TreeView component provides built-in support for managing checkboxes, allowing users to select multiple items effortlessly and incorporating a tri-state mode exclusively designed for parent nodes.

Load on demand

The load-on-demand feature of the JavaScript TreeView control enables dynamic loading of large volumes of data, enhancing the control's performance. Child nodes can be dynamically inserted or loaded from any web service.

Create your own template designs

You can customize the TreeView through node templates, which enable you to create a unique structure for tree nodes. These templates can be applied to parent nodes, child nodes, or both.

Syncfusion JavaScript TreeView

This graphical user interface control is designed to present hierarchical data in a tree structure, offering exceptional performance and a range of advanced features.